Featured in our exhibition, Infinite Beauty, are two works by environmental artist, Chris Drury; one, a mushroom spore print text work and the other entitled ‘Edge of Chaos’.  

Join Chris as he discusses this important work, linking it to other works that link systems in our body to the planet. He’ll share his 40 year fascination with fungi; how they feed us, kill us, cure us and alter our minds.

Chris comments: “Mushrooms are the great recyclers of the world and break down dead matter back into soil on which new life grows. As such they represent Life, death and regeneration and give us hope for a renewed planet.” 

Chris Drury is an environmental artist, making site-specific nature-based sculptures, often referred to as Land Art or Art in Nature. He also makes installations inside and works on paper, with maps, digital and video art, and mushrooms. He was born in Sri Lanka in 1948. From 1966, he attended Camberwell College of Arts (at the time known as Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts), studying art and sculpture, with artists including Euan Uglow.

A journey through the Canadian Rockies inspired Chris to move his focus from traditional sculpture and portraiture to environmental or land art. Recent projects include a residency at The Nirox Foundation in The Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, working with Paleontologists, Geologists and anthropologists,  a British Antarctic Survey residency in Antarctica, a work for the Australian National University in Canberra and an exhibition about place, ecology and politics at The Nevada Museum of Art called Mushrooms|Clouds. Over the last decade or more, Chris has been working with clinicians to make links between systems in the body and systems on the planet; and he continues to travel and respond to diverse requests for exhibitions, collaborations, installations and site-specific works outside.

This talk is part of our programming celebrating the exhibition, Infinite Beauty.

Tickets: £15 / £12 concession.

  • Chris Drury - Edge of Chaos

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