A delicate mass hovers over The Arc’s atrium. It’s made of 250 hollow ceramic boulders that have been smoked-fired and suspended, arranged as if breaking away from a nucleus.

HEARTH is a site-specific installation by local artist Suna Imre that acknowledges the precarious nature of our relationship with the Earth and the need to collectively bring about positive change, whilst simultaneously celebrating the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

The smoke firing process used to create the boulders reveals colours, patterns and marks that are reminiscent of images we see of the universe, and it is this sense of the infinite which reminds us of the mystery and beauty of our planet in the context of a much larger whole. The boulders are symbolic of our home, the Earth. Home is where the heart is, yet our home perhaps no longer feels safe to us. Sure footing is no longer guaranteed. HEARTH is an invitation to question our place within the natural world and how we can contribute to its healing; firstly acknowledging the part we have played in its current struggle, and by recognising that as a collective we gain agency for positive change. As a mass of voices we have the potential of healing the nucleus and reconciling with the infinity and vastness of nature.

This special installation has has been funded by Arts Council England and provides an opportunity to support talented local makers and contribute to their artistic practice and development.

HEARTH  is in place until Spring 2025.


  • 250 hollow ceramic boulders suspended in the air
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