Have you noticed that doodling can be a good way to stay calm and relax? You don’t need to be good at art to try this workshop.

Learn a simple style which gives you space to make patterns, symbols and pictures the way you want to. We’ll start you off with a frame and some ideas – and you supply the things you’re really interested in. You’ll walk away with an original illustration and a simple way of doodling for you (drawing meditation) which you can use every day to relax and recuperate!

Wednesday 27 July, 10.00am
Tuesday 2 August, 2.00pm
Thursday 11 August, 10.00am
Friday 19 August, 2.00pm
Tickets £12

  • A pencil surrounded by doodles

Dates and times

  1. Thu 11 Aug 2022
  2. Fri 19 Aug 2022