Semi-abstract drawing and painting with watercolour using shapes to re-interpret a scene with shape and colour.   

Level: Beginner/Improver. 

The workshop offers ways of finding creative responses to a landscape in a semi-abstract way. This allows an artist to move away from representation towards a more inventive interpretation.

Kate will start with drawing exercises to familiarise participants with creating landscape shapes. Next she will introduce methods using; cropping and selection, fragmenting, spontaneity, flattening and overlapping shapes. Reference for landscape will be provided though participants may like to bring their own ideas. The final stage is to consider colour combinations and tonal balance. 

With a small group of only eight there is time for individual tuition. In that last half hour there will be a group appraisal with discussion.


Suggested website search:

The Fauves movement

Wassily Kandinsky  

Sonia and Robert Delaunay  


Kate Dicker is a professional artist and print-maker. Important to her has always been drawing on location, particularly the landscape.  Part of her career was involved in working as an illustrator but in later years Kate has moved from representational work towards more colourful responses. Her monotype prints have helped with this development and she is currently working with the poet and artist Mark Rutter in producing abstract responses to Mark’s visual poetry.

Instagram:  @kate_on_a_walk



Basic materials are provided. You may wish to bring your own watercolour paints and watercolour paper: ‘NOT’/ COLD PRESS surface, 140Ib/300gsm weight, approx size 3 x A3 or 6 x A4.

Brushes: Synthetic watercolour brushes: a size 10 or 12

Reference will be provided or bring your own sketches/photos.

Event: Saturday 12 August, 10:00am-3:00pm

Tickets: £60/48 concession per session 

  • a painting by Kate Dicker and painting tools

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