Presenting new paintings by artist James Murray. 

In Flow is James Murray’s first solo exhibition and is presented as a response to Constable’s work in the main gallery. The exhibition is a series of new abstract works which celebrate painting as a medium. They evidence a transformative state of mind, known to artists past and present. To be in a state of ‘flow’ in which ‘people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter’, is where Murray believes all artists, performers, athletes etc strive to be. Painting offers him an elastic mental space where time becomes so stretched and distorted that it no longer matters. It was Constable himself who recognised that “In a sketch, there is nothing but the one state of mind – that which you were in at the time."  

‘Action’ painting or ‘gestural abstraction’ is a focus on the physical act of painting itself, and for Murray, is as vital to the piece as the finished image. He describes the process - with its constant movement, where the image can change so wildly and dramatically minute to minute - as wholly compelling and utterly absorbing. 

“It’s as if the painting is in charge and you the painter are challenged with keeping up with it as it dictates both pace and direction, and this deeply mesmeric process is what keeps me in flow for hours on end. Knowing when to call it, to put the brush down, walk away and reluctantly decide the painting is ‘finished’ is the hardest part. Painting keeps me present, gives me a sense of achievement and above all brings great joy.” 

Artworks in the exhibition are available to purchase.

In Constable's Storm


Images: Felony 3 (banner), Inside Constable's Storm and Greenland © James Murray

  • James Murray
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