Japanese Sumi-e, also called Suibokuga, is a method of painting with just the medium of water and black Sumi ink. It originated in China and has been practiced across East Asia for thousands of years.

This workshop is inspired by Sumi-e as a meditative art form, where the subject matters are painted with minimum fluid brush strokes. You will become familiar with the unique qualities of drawing with ink, exploring the visual elements of tone, pattern and form. Practicing a range of mark making can develop your self-expression and compositional skills to create beautiful expressive ink on contrasting white paper.

sumi-e tools


This workshop is the second of 2, if you would like to book tickets to both please also visit https://www.arcwinchester.org.uk/event/introduction-japanese-sumi-e-painting-orchids


Introduction to Japanese Sumi-e painting (Bamboo):


Tutors: Junko O’Neill & Tony Spencer

Level: Beginners


In this course you will

  • learn how to prepare your workspace, with brush, water and ink.
  • know how to hold the brush and how to prepare different shades of sumi-ink.
  • develop skills in handling water-based ink painting materials, and develop tonal awareness.
  • become familiar with techniques for various brush strokes to develop the mindset to understand mark making and the depth of work on paper.
  • learn how to paint bamboo, one of the basic subjects ‘The Four Gentlemen’ of Sumi-e painting, step-by-step.
  • enjoy the contemplative nature of this art practice.
  • take home a piece of art you have created.

All the painting materials are provided.

Please dress for mess or bring an old shirt.


Event: Thursday 9 November, 10am-12pm

Ticket: £45

  • Japanese Sumi-e painting of bamboo

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