Storyteller Soph has travelled all over the world collecting and sharing exciting stories. But lately, she’s been spending more and more time at home. Luckily, Soph has discovered a fantastic book of Fables to help us understand the world around us. Even better, she doesn’t need to go anywhere to share these tales. Using everything except the kitchen sink, Soph brings these stories to life right from her kitchen table.

From Aesop the friendly Lion, Harriet the boastful Hare and Tim the chilled-out Tortoise, all your favourite animal characters are brought to life in this collection of live stories. After a series of life lessons and an awful lot of fun, Soph realises that all you need to share a good story is something to say and someone to listen. (And, of course, a little bit of imagination.)

For ages 3-8.

Sunday 26 June, 2.00pm
Tickets £9, £32 for family of four

  • Fables at the table

Dates and times

  1. Sun 26 Jun 2022