The Darktown Print Workshop is all about hands-on hard work. You’ll learn new skills - cutting, inking, printing, and making, individually and in groups too. Jonny will be demystifying the printing process, showing you how to use lino and cutters, as well as how to use printing ink. He’ll show you a printing press and how it works.

Enter his creation 'DARKTOWN'

“Printmaking unity is strength,” Jonny says, “So: enter the door of Ol’ Whitman’s Print Shop with an open mind, raring to go. If you're a fine wood engraver who wants to loosen up, this is it. If you've never cut lino before but want to give it a bash... this is it too. Think by all means, but doing is best. Aprons on, rollers ready, it's going to be fun... Darktown style...”

Please bring old clothes or a coverall. Refreshments are available throughout the day at the café.

This workshop is part of our programming celebrating the exhibition, Extraordinary Everyday. Book your exhibition tickets to coincide with your visit.

Jonny Hannah grew up in Dunfermline and studied illustration Liverpool Art School and then the Royal College of Art. He has been a freelance illustrator ever since, happily residing in Southampton, and is represented by the Heart Agency in London and New York. As an obsessive fan of both popular and unpopular culture, he has been fortunate enough to be commissioned to draw, paint, and collage his heroes.

His biggest show to date has been Main Street at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2015, where he realized a set of pop-up shops from his imaginary Darktown; a peninsula surrounded by the Sea of Possibilities, bringing much of his monograph Greetings from Darktown (Merrell 2014) to life. Jonny is also a keen printmaker and runs the Cakes & Ale Press, a cottage industry publishing books, prints, posters, tea towels, badges and love hearts. 

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