Join us for a conversation in two parts to understand Eric Ravilious in context as a war artist.

These will be presented by Tim Craven, artist, curator and lecturer, and Steve Marshall, a freelance curator specialising in 20th century British art.

Your ticket will include coffee and cake during the break, and there will be half an hour for questions and discussion before the event closes at 12:50pm.

Part One: Tim Craven: War Artists: A context (10:30am – 11:15am)

This talk will trace the origins of official war art in the First World War and examine the Second World War’s War Artists’ Advisory Committee’s achievements, including its origins, aims and the artists selected, encompassing their subjects, theatres of war and experiences. It will consider the WAAC’s subsequent dissemination and exhibition of the works produced, incorporating the related Recording Britain project and its effect on British progressive Art.

Tim Craven studied Fine Art at Stourbridge College of Art and the Conservation of Easel Paintings at Gateshead Technical College. He joined Southampton City Art Gallery, one of Britain’s finest regional galleries, in 1980, working initially in conservation and collection management. As Curator of the Gallery from 2002-8 and Curator of Art 2008 – 17, Tim Craven added substantially to the collection and curated/co-curated many exhibitions of British historic and contemporary art. After various solo and joint exhibitions, Tim founded The Arborealists, a group of some 50+ professional artists from all over the UK, of diverse art practice who are united by the subject of the tree. in 2013. To date the group has staged over 20 critically acclaimed exhibitions (many curated by Tim) in the UK and France and produced seven publications including Art Meets Ecology: Arborealists in Lady Park Wood, Sansom & C0, 2020. He is a member of the London Group and Chair of the Friends of Southampton’s Museums, Archives and Galleries.

Part Two: Steve Marshall: Ravilious as a War Artist: (11:35am – 12:20pm)

Eric Ravilious's work as an Official War Artist from 1940 - 1942 resulted in some of the most striking imagery produced for the scheme. This talk follows Ravilious's wartime travels, depicting defences on the Kent and Sussex coasts, voyaging from Scapa Flow to the Arctic Circle with the Royal Navy and time spent with the RAF in Yorkshire and Hertfordshire, before his untimely death on a reconnaissance mission over Iceland.

Steve Marshall is a freelance curator specialising in 20th century British art. He has worked with Tim Craven on exhibitions including Capture the Castle and The Artists Rifles for Southampton City Art Gallery, and has recently developed exhibitions on the seasons and eerie landscapes for St Barbe Museum.

This talk is part of our programme celebrating the exhibition Extraordinary Everyday: The Art and Design of Eric Ravilious. Book your exhibition tickets to coincide with your visit.

Image Credit: Ward Room 1 (1941), Eric Ravilious. Photo John Hammond © Hampshire Cultural Trust

  • View on a beach from a wartime bunker
  • "The Ward Room" (1941). Scene of a man sitting inside a dark wartime room illuminated by a pool of light

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